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We work relentlessly, within Borouge and with partners, to create solutions that push boundaries, drive performance and create value for businesses and communities in the UAE and around the world. Together, we make plastics an indispensable part of everyday life.


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There’s tremendous potential in the energy sector. We think beyond cable insulation, to the lives and economies which thrive on this valuable energy.


Our water and gas pipe solutions deliver to the last mile because this infrastructure provides vital function to society and enables modern living.


Vehicles are made lighter and more efficient because of our mobility innovations, but our true focus is moving people, healthy and safely.


Consistency and material advantages are proven benefits of our packaging solutions portfolio. We also work to ensure that produce arrives fresh and tasty, without compromising on sustainability.


Our healthcare solutions meet the strictest global regulations, and continually earn the trust of the physicians and patients who rely on the material everyday.


When we deliver on an agriculture solution, we see more than a greenhouse, we see farmers and their growing business, and the community they feed.


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    Global challenges are at the heart of our innovation mindset, as we seek to reduce carbon emissions and food waste, and improve drinking water and sanitation. When we bring a new solution that’s built around these principles, or create a new initiative, everybody wins.


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